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Why didn’t they tell you

to straighten your necklace?

Grown up children back then;

they evolved only on the outside.

Porcelain dreams in your vapid gaze;

I wonder why they were broken.

Was it black and white back then?

Was it bleak and weak in your dreams?

Before the heaps of hurdles

were thrown at you;

before all the shattered

windows (for your escape);

when your dreams collided into the

wall and your thoughts were thrusted.

You never allowed yourself anything;

 flowers nipped by the frost.

I can smell your disappointment;

your regret lingers as you loiter.

Unmoved. Removed. I disapprove

of your unintentional episodes.


My Muse, My Darling

One cannot despise their muse,

can they?

if she weren’t she, I would

love her

love her

wrapping my arms, like snakes,

hold her like a boa

driving all the way south

to maybe catch a glimpse

the query that which burns through

my heart

my heart





don’t mistake her

transpersonal faker

she said she gave

heart body soul

let’s hope that is all she gave

she claims to spread

light and joy

but it’s legs she sprawls

come over once

a sip, a slip

she was an experiement


On my first day of kindergarten I met this girl named Michelle. I was so excited to have met my first schoolmate, but then Fat Theresa came by to snatch her up. Theresa would have eaten Michelle if she could.

I stood by the big closet where we all left our coats. Mine was orange, like a pumpkin. Like a pumpkin at Cinderella’s ball at midnight: just a lousy pumpkin without horse and carriage; without a purpose. 

Poor Pumpkin.


lip biting

cheek pressing

keep the phone


leave your bra


never tell

soul catching

hell raising

make the sounds


pray the rival’s


teeth clenching

head aching

keep the phone


leave your bra


i can never tell

i won’t ever tell


                                                                                 My heart is protected, yet broken;
every beat seems like a promise.
Smother me under your wing.
I am the seeker of promise;
a ricocheting rocket of hope,
toward clouds, providing promise.
Like water is always wet,
your mouth maneuvers, full of promise.
Heart heavy, mind loaded, mouth crowded
with little pieces of promise.

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