Sometimes the things that inspire me to create burn so deeply inside, I sweat. The sting of the burn eventually fades away, but the words keep coming. They emerge from dark places and they materialize from the light. They evolve from the depths of anger and sadness; they arrive from a soul that had been captive for too long. Captured in commotion. The words approach me from a place of love: from a family reunited, from the sun shining, from our child’s breath. The words are accessed through amusement; my elation is a creation station.

I embrace my entire being in the dark – I manage. We all have a dark side; we can’t have the light without it. I nuzzle my existence with loving kindness. Yet, sometimes being kind doesn’t happen all the time (nothing to be proud of). We’re emotional beings, living and learning and loving and crying and smiling. We strive to be the best that we can be, to ourselves, to others. Some days this doesn’t happen, so please forgive me when I am not my best. This is The Apology for all my banter.

What you see isn’t everything. My inspiration dons many masks that I expose in a craft. My methods might be unfamiliar, but they motivate me to explore the many ways of expression in this process called life. There is not a need for attention, yet there is the need for expression. We are all learning here. All. Of. Us. Don’t sweat it.